Say Goodbye to Winter Skin!

Say Goodbye to Winter Skin!

Winter weather can be very damaging for our skin. Cold and low humidity levels result in dry air that steals moisture away from the skin.

As a follow up on last year’s Dry Winter Skin Care Remedies article, we are here to help you with some more information on how to best take care of your skin during this season, and what to pick. Let’s enjoy this winter, as well as our daily skin care regimen adjusted to it.

Indoor heat further draws moisture out of the air, as do hot showers or baths. Without daily care, dry skin can lead to scaly, dull complexion, and even cracking and bleeding, and harsh winter wind makes the problem worse. Untreated conditions can cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Do you experience any of these symptoms?

  • Does your skin feel itchy or sensitive?
  • Do you notice flaking skin or dry patches?
  • Do you notice more fine lines?
  • Does your skin around your eyes and mouth look thinner?
  • Is your make-up not going on right?
  • Do you notice larger pores?
  • Do your skin care products absorb in seconds?

If your answered yes to any of the above questions, it might be time to bump up your hydration steps!

Say Goodbye to Winter Skin using ilike organic skin care

Follow these easy steps…

…to strengthen your skin’s ability to fight winter weather!

1. Use a hydrating serum under(!) your moisturizer.

Choose your serum based on the hydration level of your skin:

2. Blend a few drops of a facial oil into your moisturizer.

    • Use the Yarrow Oil if your skin is irritated, sensitive or if you battle Rosacea.
    • Choose the Calendula Oil for very dry and mature skin.
    • The Evening Primrose Oil based Q10 Serum will further up the moisturizing factor of your cream and fight free radicals to slow the aging process. Additional tip: massage this oil concentrate into your dry, chapped cuticles for beautiful nails.

3. Use a higher moisturizing factor!

There are three types of creams within the ilike organic skin care line: