PhytoLift™ Serum 30 ml / 1 fl oz


This liposome gel from ilike organic skin care is for women facing that time in their life when they are seek skin appearing firmer and less sluggish. Apply it to sluggish, loose skin and scaly skin areas. It is non oily so it doesn't clog the pores. Use it night and day under your moisturizer or as a cream substitute, depending on the hydration level of your skin.

How to use: Apply a thin layer of Q10 Serum and massage in with circular motion on entire face and neck. Use it after your ilike cleanser or mask during your skin care regimen. Enrich your ilike moisturizer with the Q10 serum or massage it into the nail beds or splitting hair ends. Supplement your cream or lotion with a drop of Q10 serum after sunbathing. Use it twice a day.

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